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Monday, September 14, 2009

SML Wiki New Pages Yahoo Pipes

An ultra simple pipe. I think that this will be a very good intro for folks who are not familiar with Yahoo Pipes and wish to see how Pipes can help solve their common problems.

SML Wiki: New Pages / 2009-09-13 / SML Pipes (by See-ming Lee 李思明 SML)

My wiki is hosted on and it has an auto-feed feature which reports recent changes and new pages creation via an RSS feed. I use this feed with my friendfeed account, but when I edit pages heavily via frequent saves, the list of "recent changes" makes the feed very hard to follow. Wikidot does not provide a separate feed for new pages vs source changes, so I created this pipe to output only new pages.

Some feed readers appear to have problems getting feeds from the RSS results generated by Yahoo Pipes, so I take the RSS feed and burn it with FeedBurner. Now add the feedburner feed onto FriendFeed and now there's a less-noisy feed on my FriendFeed.

For comparison
Original feed:
Feed using the pipe:

To do
I do still want to include source changes though. I am working on a pipe which truncates items with the same title that were posted too close to each other.

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