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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Zero Punctuation = Crazy = Good

So I was tweeting yesterday about the game called Orange Box and antikewl picked up my tweet and sent me to The Escapist, adding that Portal is worth the price alone. I was not surprised, given that I pretty much looked into buying this game based on the Gamespot review of it alone.

But this post is not about the Orange Box, because I haven't gotten it yet. This post is about this absolutely insane amount of information fired by Zero Punctuation:

This guy is funny + to the point + sarcastic + information-stuffed + crazy which equates to fantabulous in my dictionary. I don't think that I have yet experienced information-overload in this capacity before.

I am in awe.

Reviews of Orange Box at Gamspot
+ Gamespot: The Orange Box (PC)
+ Gamespot: The Orange Box (Xbox360)

SML Thank You
I would like to thank antikewl for being a fantastic Internet news correspondent from the UK. You rock! Much love :)

SML Friends
I met antikewl aka Trevor May when he was "shipped over" from London from IconMedialab (now LBi) to work on a global B2B content portal. Because of Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / Flickr and all these social networking goodies, we stayed in touch after almost 7 years now!

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  1. Thanks for the link, See-ming! :) Zero Punctuation makes my Wednesday more enjoyable.