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Monday, September 14, 2009

SML Wiki: Flickr Censorship

I have created a page on SML Wiki regarding the incident where Flickr flagged my Flickr account as 'restricted':

SML Wiki: Flickr Censorship

In February 2009, Flickr set my account to Restricted status, resulting in a drastic decrease in stream and photo viewership.

During this incident, my entire stream become unavailable to public, which means that my photos on Flickr can no longer be viewed on SML Wiki. Additionally, my portfolio is down, and I was no longer able to post anything to any of the groups.

This article recounts what happened to my account, my discussion with the Flickr staff, together with data, screenshots, photo examples, related blog posts on the Internet, as well as up-to-date Meta Search Alerts results found on the net.

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