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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Google Page Rank, Domain Names, Technology Platforms and Platform Owners / SML Analytics

Recently I did a tally of Google PageRank in the SML Universe: Analyzing a single person's Web presence on different domains, the technology platform, the platform owner, and the corresponding Google PageRank data.

Google PageRank in the SML Universe / 2009-09-18 / SML Data (by See-ming Lee 李思明 SML)
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What I found especially interesting is that the highest PRs concentrated on properties owned by Yahoo, namely: SML Flickr (5) and SML Pipes (5), followed immediately by Google properties (4): SML Pro Blog (4), SML Photo Blog (4), SML YouTube (4) and perhaps Google's friends: SML Twitter (4), SML Vimeo (4).

SML Amazon (5) perhaps should be expected as Amazon is a hub, but I do find it interesting that its PR is so high since it really receives no publicity nor direct URL.

SML Facebook (0) does not get anything likely because Facebook is a close-walled garden. SML Wiki (0) failed to a zero recently which I contribute to my recent Flickr Censorship saga as I pump most of the content on the wiki via the Flickr API, and failing that means failing all my content. (ouch!) which is why I'm brewing SML Data (1) right now. As historic data has shown, generally speaking, registering a domain name will pump Google PR to at least 1. If you don't even get that, you are doing something wrong and it usually means that Google has placed you on a blacklist and you should definitely watch out.

Here's my 2009-09-18 data on Google Docs for those who prefer raw text:

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