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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Global color usage diagram in 25+ Useful Infographics on Web Designer Depot

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Using data collected from Adobe Kuler, Adobe teamed up with Stamen and created Adobe Kuler Pulse, a fantastic user interface allowing users to explore colors with respect to geographical location and time. I liked the idea but wishes to see if there are any observable patterns, and that's when I created the following diagram using micro/macro principals.

Some nice folks put it on Web Designer Depot as one of 25+ Useful Infographics for Web Designers a week ago, which is quite an honor.

What would be even more delightful though is if Adobe would provide APIs to allow folks to mash it up with all kinds of extra stuff--something I sure would love to get my hands on now that I'm playing with Python :)

Global color usage with respect to time and location / 2009 / SML + Adobe Kuler Pulse

Global color usage with respect to time and location
Compiled using Adobe Kuler Pulse by Strategically Mutated Lifeforms

Time: The four seasons of 2008
Location: USA, UK, Germany, Japan, Brazil

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UI Design credits: Stamen Design, a design and technology studio in San Francisco. (reference: Contagious issue Seventeen)

Adobe Kuler is a registered trademark of Adobe Systems Incorporated in the United States and/or other countries. Strategically Mutated Lifeforms are part of the SML Universe. All screenshots captured on 2009-01-11.